Sunday, February 10, 2013

FOTD February 10 -

More Luckie Charzm Shop Sexiness by Yumz! This cute and sexy outfit comes complete with a matching necklace!

Rhianna's Style Card:

Outfit: Yumz ☞ Aztec Luckie Charmz Sale Room
Necklace: Yumz ☞ Aztec Luckie Charmz Sale Room
Rings: Mandala ☞ Polly
Earrings: Mandala ☞ Milky Way
Hair: LOQ ☞ Whiskey
Lipstick: Boom ☞ Goth
Nails: Mandala ☞ Takara
Shoes: NCore ☞ Diva NEW

Your ride to the shop: Luckie & LuckieCharmz Mall, Hidden Retreat (129, 53, 23)
Come down and check out the great deals!

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