Saturday, October 19, 2013

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Downtown Loft Living Room Set

Inspired brings us another great furniture set! The Downtown Loft Living Room set is a cozy living room set with amazing textures!

The Loft Living Room Set comes with the following items:

DL Bookends - 3 prims
DL End Table - 1 prim
DL Coffee Table w/Magazine - 2 prims
DL Rug - 2 prims
DL Vases - 3 prims
DL End Table w/ Lamp - 2 prims
DL Sofa w/ Couples/Single animations n' props - 7 prims
DL Coffee Cup - 2 prims

The couch is fantastic for friends or couples! There are multiple sits for the guys and gals and some cuddling time with your loved one!

You can find Inspired on MP to at:

Take a look over at the store:~*~ Inspired ~*~ Home & Garden from the Heart, Woodshed (29, 128, 24)

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